FAQs for Emergency Oil Delivery & Emergency Burner Service

My heating system stopped working, am I out of heating oil? Do I need an emergency heating oil delivery?

If your heating system stopped working suddenly, there might be a chance that you are out of heating oil, to make sure  simply check your heating oil level and if you are out call us at 631-779-2716 and make sure your fill is accessible to accept the delivery. It also may mean that you need repair service – give us a call and we’ll get a tech to you asap.

In what towns are emergency oil deliveries available in Long island? 

We serve almost the entire Long Island for emergency heating oil deliveries such as Medford, Selden, Ronkonkoma, Lake Grove, St James, Smithtown, Shirley, Holtsville, Babylon, Islip, East Islip, Huntington, Brentwood, Brookhaven, Bay Shore, Holbrook, Oakdale, Central Islip and more. We serve all of Suffolk and Nassau Counties, Queens NY, Bronx, Brooklyn, Westchester County and more.

Do I pay more for an emergency heating oil delivery?

Yes, because a truck needs to be rerouted to your location vs to a regularly scheduled delivery.

Once I order my emergency oil how long would it take for my delivery to arrive?

After we have your order it would take us anywhere from 2 to 6 hours to deliver your heating oil, depending on your distance to the location of the driver and current weather conditions.

Can I also have my burner tuned up at the time of my emergency heating oil delivery?

No, emergency heating oil deliveries do not include any service, however if you need a prime-start, the driver will be able to restart your system.

Can I pay by credit for my emergency heating oil delivery?

Yes, you can pay by credit card or cash.

How many gallons should I order?

You can order between 50 gallons to 250 gallons for emergency oil delivery. Please keep in mind that the more gallons you order, the less you pay per gallon.

Should I register for your automated heating oil delivery service so I do not run out of oil again?

Yes, with automatic oil delivery we track your oil usage and make sure your oil tank is full, eliminating the risk of running out of oil.

What constitutes an emergency oil delivery situation?

An emergency oil delivery is needed when you run completely out of heating oil or if your oil tank drops below 25% capacity during cold weather months. Running out of oil can put your home and family at risk in extreme cold.

What are the costs for emergency delivery?

Emergency oil delivery typically costs more than a standard delivery. There is usually an additional emergency fee on top of the normal per gallon price. Expect to pay 10-30% more for last minute emergency oil delivery.

Do you deliver on weekends and holidays?

Yes, we deliver 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We understand emergencies happen any time and will deliver when you need oil.

How can I prevent needing emergency oil?

Sign up for automatic delivery to keep your tank full. Monitor your tank’s fuel level regularly. Call to schedule a delivery when your tank hits 25% full to avoid running out.

What should I do when my tank runs out?

Call us immediately if your tank runs dry. Turn down thermostats to conserve any remaining heat. Dress warmly and avoid opening doors/windows until oil has been delivered and your heat restored. Gather in the warmest room in the house.