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It’s freezing outside and all of a sudden you’re finding yourself in an emergency no heat situation. You’ve run out of oil in the middle of the night and your home is getting colder and colder, your pipes on the verge of freezing.

How to Avoid Running Out of Heating Oil

First, how do you avoid a situation like this? One way to make sure your oil tank always has oil is to sign up for automatic oil delivery. This way your oil company will worry about monitoring your oil level, and deliver whenever your tank gets low. If you use our automatic oil delivery service, you pay the same low COD oil price that everyone else pays – there’s no extra charge.

Another way to avoid running out of oil is to closely keep track of your oil level and order a heating oil delivery whenever your gauge is at a quarter. You’ll need to ensure that your gauge is working properly as sometimes they may get stuck. Check your tank every couple of weeks in the winter and every couple of months in the warmer months. Another benefit of not allowing your oil level to drop too low is not disturbing the sludge on the bottom of your tank and not allowing it to get sucked into the lines, clogging your burner. If you get too low or run out of oil, you’ll probably need a prime start which runs about $40 or $50, or even oil burner service – in cases where you’d need your burner cleaned out and new filters. An oil burner service call typically costs between $140 to $170, including parts and labor.

What to do if you run out of oil

As soon as you notice that you have no oil, call a heating oil company immediately. Emergency Oil Delivery Inc. delivers 24/7 even on weekends, holidays and nights. This is your best chance to get oil fast. They’ll get to you within 1 to 4 hours, and provide you with an emergency oil delivery in Suffolk or Nassau Counties, serving Long Island. After you’ve called in your delivery request, turn off your furnace. Wait until after the delivery is done to turn it back on. Push the red reset button on your furnace only once. If it doesn’t start that means you need your lines to be bled.

Emergency Heating Oil Delivery Long Island

To prevent running out of oil in the future you can install a monitor to track fuel oil levels. When you run out of oil, it’s important to follow these steps until your heating oil delivery company gets to you to avoid further issues.