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There are things in life that can be a big pain, bills, long work hours and the pressures of daily life. Then there is those teams when you’re heating breaks down. You’ve come home after a long hard day and you’re looking forward to relaxing in warmth and comfort. Then it happens, you come home to a freezing cold house full of angry and upset family members. Now you have to go down to the basement, put on some dirty overalls and tinker around trying to locate the problem in the unforgiving cold of Long Island’s mid winter season-or do you? But it’s Martin Luther King Day, right? No one is going to come out and look at your heating, you’re just going to have to try and do it yourself come rain or snow? Wrong.

Emergency Heating Repair Services Long Island

We can help you with any 24 hour heating repair needs, including:

  • Emergency heating repair
  • Emergency boiler repair
  • Furnace and boiler repair
  • Duct system repair

The good news for residents of Long Island, Suffolk County & Nassau is our emergency heating repair service really is 24/7. That’s outside of working hours, weekends and all recognized US Holidays. If you can’t fix it yourself, don’t! Let our experienced and licensed technicians take that load off of your shoulders. We’ll fix your furnace and boiler in a 100% professional manner leaving no stone unturned when it comes to identifying and rectifying the problem.

Whether it’s a problem with the pipes, something up with the burner or blockage and leaks of any kind, you can expect a thorough service from our maintenance specialists. Need your heating fixed fast? We won’t keep you waiting. Call 631-779-2716 for an immediate response and a prompt call out to your property. Fed up of evasive workmen and shoddy work? We pride ourselves on being courteous and getting the work done, something our clients attest to, just take a look at the customer reviews on our site.

Need same day emergency oil? Or emergency oil burner service? We’ve got you covered. Fed up of being fleeced by companies charging extortionate prices just to find your heating breaks down again in a few months or even worse, weeks? We charge a fair price, just call for a quote. Not only that but we invest in the best quality replacement parts like properly threaded and strong pipes, top quality igniters for your furnace/boiler. We’re here to serve and provide a reputable and reliable heating maintenance option for whenever you need it. We consult and advise our clients on the best preventative measures to keep things ticking along to make sure your emergency call outs don’t become a regular thing.

By Your Local Heating Repair Company

The good folks of Long Island, Suffolk County & Nassau deserve a trustworthy emergency heating repair service that lives up to its name. We’re confident that we can fulfill that need. So you can out those overalls away! Just give us a call and we’ll be there even if its the early hours of the morning on a public holiday. Trust us for affordable and reliable 24/7 emergency heating repair, we won’t let you down.

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